People's Poverty Reduction Program

  • Govenment of Sindh/P&DD
  • Sindh Rural Support organization(SRSO)

Initiatives Of UCBPRP

The initiative is focused to promote Livestock and dairy sector on the basis of cooperative business model as part of the project, a special Initiative for poor women as asset building measure leading to sustained income in future. The component seeks to assist the poor women as milk producer to rehabilitate them and make them viable entrepreneur.

Community Livestock Extension worker for livestock services would be trained - who would also have the expertise of Artificial Inseminations (AI). The LSO would start its mobile veterinary services through these trained workers to render animal health care at the farmers' doorstep. Probably for the first time in this area, veterinary first aid services, by trained personnel, will be available in the villages.

A balanced feed would be preferred to be manufactured in the LSO at later stage, as LSO's Cattle Feed Plant and will be sold to the members through the CO/VOs at cost price.

The prime objective of initiative is the economic empowerment of women farmers, thus it will also cater and enhance rural livestock production; especially milk production focusing on poor organized women at union council level in the districts of SRSO operations.

  •    Market survey and feasibility.
  •    Identification of Vendor(s).
  •    Establishment of Transit Farm at Sukkur.
  •    Identification of the beneficiary.
  •    Dialogue and Terms of Partnership (ToP) with Local Support Organization (LSO).
  •    Procurement of Calves and its distributed to the beneficiary.
  •    Local capacities being built in management, problem identification and solving, and financial literacy.
  •    Establishment of 5-6 additional Transitional Farms near the vicinity of UCBPRP districts.


The initiative under UCBPRP includes Capacity Building of the craft-persons, product development and its marketing strategies which will enable these marginalized women to have access to local, national and international markets; leading product development, improvement in connections to value chain actors, input supplies, retailers and wholesalers.

 Within the scope of the overall objective, the component will demonstrate the Cultural Assets being identified by the community and utilization of their skills for economic development.

  •    Employ/ Use local traditional crafts as a means for reducing poverty.
  •    Develop Cultural Products to enhance economic opportunities for craftswomen.
  •    Identify, organise and strengthen craft clusters in district Shikarpur, Kashmore & Khairpur.
  •    Establish / strengthen community based craft production cum finishing centres in 3 districts.
  •    Build the entrepreneurship and managerial capacity of artisans through organising special training, business incubation and exposures.
  •    Enhance the capacity of craftswomen in contemporary market driven designs, product diversification, quality assurance and business generation by conducting village & institute based training.
  •    Create and activate handicraft brand and strengthen missing link of market with the cluster through establishment and management of an outlet named “Sartian Sung Market” at Sukkur.
  •    Expose artisans in national & int’l exhibitions for business generation and introduction in the int’l market.