People's Poverty Reduction Program

  • Govenment of Sindh/P&DD
  • Sindh Rural Support organization(SRSO)

Community Investment Fund(CIF)

The CIF is a programme which increases the confidence and empowerment of the poorest of rural women by providing them access to flexible micro loans.

The People's Poverty Reduction Programme (PPRP) is based on the three tiers social mobilization approach to alleviate the poverty through uplifting their living standard by realizing and unleashing the real potential of the rural community by empowering the women who are the real driving force of generating new economic resources for the household. SRSO being an implementing organization of this Programme from the starting of the UCBPRP from 2009 which has driven their real hallmark and depicts the real success of Programme by 50% graduation of intervened community through different interventions of PPRP Programme mainly through CIF. SRSO has firm belief that each rural poor household has their own innate potential to improve its condition, however, the household faces constraints that do not allow it to realize the potential. If these rural people especially rural women are organized in order to enable them to have a collective thinking and actions for the development of society and act upon their consensus decision to alleviate the poverty.

The main purpose of Community Investment Fund (CIF) is to provide a capital grant by the Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) to Community Institutions (CIs) i.e. COs, VOs, and LSOs. The CIF is targeted at the women from poor and poorest households, and is used by the CIs as revolving fund. Poverty Score Card (PSC) is used to identify the eligible households to ensure that only the poor and poorest households (with Poverty Score 0-18) will access CIF capital and start income generating activities.The distinguishing aspect of the Community Investment Fund (CIF) is the fact that the fund will be managed by the women themselves, as they will be the ones who decide which poor woman should receive a loan and at what flexible terms.