People's Poverty Reduction Program

  • Govenment of Sindh/P&DD
  • Sindh Rural Support organization(SRSO)

Village Rehabilitation Project (VRP)

In 2010 super flood in the Sindh Province has changed the overall scenario, GoS is also intended to go along with community and extended its support to flood affected people in rehabilitation while providing shelters to them on priority basis. A series of meetings by SRSO management and GoS resulted a revision of PC-1 and shifting of amount towards 43 villages while keeping some amount to complete CPIs in Programmed districts.

Village Rehabilitation Project-VRP is the Reconstruction Plan of Two Room Houses to rebuild the 7000 houses for the flood victims, initiated by Government of Sindh. Each house was comprised of two rooms with latrine & drinking water hand pump, drainage and brick-paved streets. The construction work on the VRP was started on immediate basis after December 15th- 2010 and was expected to be finished by 30th-June 2010 but due to unforeseen factors pusedh down to request the GoS for further Extension till June, 2012.

Programme Impact:

  •   Re-hab & Livelihood of Flood Affected & genuine beneficiaries without discrimination
  •   Shelter security & promise for the provision of house by GoS .
  •   Uniformity of houses design ends the discrimination as well as unique identification of GoS- VRP houses..
  •   Infrastructure (sanitation schemes) development (estimated 5.3 million per village) which were badly damaged in flood.
  •    Capacity building & decision making of women to own the capital asset i.e house.
  •   Re-Hab programme provides directly & indirectly the employment to local people.


VRP housing & sanitation activities have been carried out in 3 district of Kashmore, Jacobabad & Shikarpur with 43 villages having average population of 200 HouseHolds & greater than 200 HH and 7003 houses were constructed under this project.