People's Poverty Reduction Program

  • Govenment of Sindh/P&DD
  • Sindh Rural Support organization(SRSO)

Income Generating Grants (IGG)

The People's Poverty Reduction Programme (PPRP) is based on the three tiers social mobilization approach to alleviate the poverty through uplifting their living standard by realizing and unleashing the real potential of the rural community by empowering the women who are the real driving force of generating new economic resources for the household. In Sindh province there are many households who do not have the capacity to pay back even interest free loan/credit, but have the potential to perform so the intervention of Income Generating Grant (IGG) has been designed for such households to help them come out of the poverty trap. These will be grants for the women of extremely poor households, for the purpose of increasing their incomes. Each eligible household will be able to receive guidence and a one time grant (in-kind) of upto Rs. 30,000 for purchasing income-generating assets, mainly livestock such as goats, cows, buffaloes, and productive tools and inputs etc.

Poverty scorecard is used to identify the eligible households to ensure that only the poor and poorest households (with Poverty Score 0-11) access IGG and start income generating activities so as to enable them to graduate to next level.